Download Free Games PC Armed Assault 2 (Arma 2) By Free and Legal

You fans of tactical shooter games? If yes .. then the game Armed Assault 2 this could be a worthy addition to a collection of games you played. Armed Assault 2 or better known as the Arma 2 is a tactical shooter game that comes with a variety of vehicles and aircraft. Each player can instruct all team members in accordance with the desired strategy. This of course adds a sense of real-time strategy game that is in it.

Players can even instruct the other teams to take advantage of the high command system. Arma 2 takes the scene in Eastern europian of Chernarus or often called a Black Russian.

The following is a trailer of the game Armed Assault 2:

Exciting is not it? For those who want to play the game Armed Assault 2, Arma 2 you can download the client for free here

Link Download Arma 2 Client

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista 
  • Dual Core CPU 
  • nVidia Geforce 7800 / ATI Radeon 1800 
  • 10 GB free HDD space

In Armed Assault 2 free version, the player can play all the missions there. But players can not use the HD version because the graphics quality of the graphics settings in the free version has been limited. In addition players can not use an existing mod.

Luckily these restrictions do not reduce the thrill to play this game Armed Assault 2. Welcome tactical shooting game fun to play this!

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