Download And Get Free [dot] .EDU Email Address [US Only]

There are lot of benefit if you have a .edu email address like some free giveaway as having .edu email address,Dropbox offer double referral storage to 500 MB, giveaway is only intended for students and teachers, etc. unfortunately, .edu email address hard to get unless you are colleges student. If you find through internet and aim to get one free .edu email address,most of the method published on internet are invalid. Well i would like to share with you how to get a valid free .edu email address,you will not getting any lose and may need it in future.

1.Visit https://eims.maricopa.edu/MAW/MAW.html,then select 「 I am a new student have never attended any Maricopa Comunity College or skill centers 」 and enter code and click NEXT.
2.Now you need to enter identity information,first you need a US identity.
3.Key in all required information. I will not describe more how to key in all this information,just follow all US identity of yours.  such as
* 1National ID (SSN):
* 1Verify National ID (SSN):
* Date of Birth:
* First Name
* Last Name:
Middle Name:
4. 4. A MEID account created and web site will showing all MEID account information,please save and keep it in safe place. It may take up to 20 minutes before you are able to log into your new email but as i tested it will take at least 60 minutes,please be patient.

Login in .edu email address http://mail.google.com/a/maricopa.edu

Source: http://www.techgravy.net/2012/02/free-edu-email-address.html

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