Best Anti Theft Application for Android

Best Anti Theft Application for Android  : are you a user of Android devices? Do not let thieves took this and can access your data go around! Yup, as the owner of the gadget .. we'll never know what will happen with our gadgets. The risk of lost or stolen must exist, even though we all expect it will never happen.

Before going on the things that we do not want, it helps us just in case. They say .. willing umbrella before the rain is very wise, is not it?

Following are some of the best anti-theft app for Android that you can get for free. The following applications allow you to rediscover your Android missing, or if they can not find it again .. you can use it to delete all your personal data. Who would want to SMS and photographs of his personal visits to see other people?

1. Avast Anti-Theft

Who does not know Avast! Antivirus vendors who won the title of the fastest antivirus of 2012 has long crossed the globe in the world of security, not least in the world of mobile security.
To be able to install Avast Anti-Theft, you must download Avast Mobile Security first.

Download Avast Mobile Security Here

Once downloaded Avast Mobile Security on your Android, you can use it to download Avast Anti-Theft.

However, many advantages possessed by Avast Anti-Theft does not make it free from flaws. From my notes, there are some disadvantages that are owned by this application:

  • Avast Anti-Theft process visible through the application as com.avast.android.antitheft Task Killer, Task Killer, although it is not able to close this application, but at least stealth mode applications do not run perfectly
  • No remote camera feature to take pictures or video from a distance
  • No features remote microphone to record sound from a distance

2. Android Lost

Android Lost actually has features that are far more complete than the Avast Anti-Theft. Various features are very useful when our mobile phones are stolen in this application:

  • Read the SMS sent and inbox remotely
  • Wipe data both in the internal memory or SD card
  • Track the location of mobile phones with GPS
  • Remotely install the application
  • Lock, delete data, turn on the alarm, and various other functions via SMS
  • Take a picture through the front or rear camera remotely .. and many more other advanced features.

By feature, I will admit that Android Lost is still well above the Avast Anti-Theft. But why do I put it in the order of 2? Yup, because the TRUST factor. I know Avast as a security vendor companies that have long existed and of course .. I would feel safer when using the application. Safe because of data privacy protection, etc. (Android Lost app requires a lot of permissions .. even you must be logged in your Google account to use this application!)

For those more interested in features, it is clear .. Android Lost in the main sequence. But for those like me who worry about privacy, Avast Anti-Theft can be an unbeatable choice.

Download Android Lost here

3. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is an Anti-Theft application for Laptop and Mobile. This open source application supports many platforms, from Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS, and Android.

Prey features Anti-Theft is still simpler than the two previous apps Anti-Theft. The application supports several features such as:

  • GPS + Wifi geo-location.
  • SIM change detection.
  • SMS or Push (On Demand) activation (2.2+).
  • Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+).
  • Uninstall protection (2.2+).
  • Loud alarm sound.
  • Alert messages to user.

The thing that makes Prey Anti-Theft in the third position is that the uninstall feature protectionnya who can not work effectively. Indeed Prey Anti-Theft protects itself from being uninstalled, but this does not prevent the application of a hard / factory reset. Of course very easy for the thief to get rid of this application.

Download Prey Anti-Theft for Android

Well .. now there are 3 Anti-Theft application that you can choose. Please choose according to your tastes and needs. Things you need to remember, to install Anti-Theft application that does not mean you are 100% secure from theft or loss of mobile phones. But at least the risk can be minimized .. of such personal data are scattered, individual accounts are hijacked, etc.. At the very least .. we are willing umbrella before it rains .. right?
Wait a minute ..!
For those who feel the 3 options above applications are still lacking, I add some free Anti-Theft application for Android that you can make other choices:

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