SafenSoft SysWatch Personal For Free 1 Year License Serial Key

While you don’t need to run a traditional antivirus program as well as SysWatch, you may feel more comfortable doing so until you have gained full trust in the SysWatch approach to computer security. SysWatch is fully compatible with all popular antivirus programs. SafenSoft SysWatch Personal works great combined with Microsoft® Security Essentials software.

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal takes a different approach to PC protection than traditional antimalware software; rather than regularly scanning the PC to identify malicious code, it prevents malicious activity from taking place on the PC.

Whenever a new application is launched, SysWatch lets you decide whether it should be launched without restrictions, launched in an isolated area (sandbox) or blocked altogether. This prevents unknown applications – which malware always is – from activating on your PC. Updates of existing applications are processed automatically.

Key Features and Benefits of SafenSoft SysWatch Personal:

  • Improved! Dynamic integrity control. When you install SysWatch, it creates a system profile – a list of all the software installed on your system that you have designated as approved. System integrity is preserved by saving this “known-good” state definition. Updates of existing applications are processed automatically.
  • Improved! Application launch control. Application launch and activity are controlled through the settings in the system profile. Detailed settings enable precise controls and prevent unknown processes from launching, blocking malicious activity without the need for signature updates or the timely application of software patches.
  • Improved! Application activity control. Controls how different applications can access files and folders, USB drives, registry keys, external devices, and network resources. You can create your own custom rules to control application activity.
  • New! Script execution control. Detection and prevention of unauthorized VB and Javascript scripting language launches.
  • Improved! Dynamic sandbox. Unknown or potentially dangerous applications (for example, web browsers) are launched in an isolated area of your PC called a sandbox, so they cannot affect other processes or the system itself.
  • Improved! Automatic incident processing. Automatically blocks malicious application activity, enabling you to adjust your security levels as needed.
  • Improved! Self-protection system. Protects the SysWatch program from being disabled by malicious software. System changes and uninstallation are password-protected, so only the user can change or uninstall SysWatch.
  • Improved! Application activity history and rollback to remove unwanted changes. For every application, the entire activity history and “shadow” copies of changed or deleted files can be created to provide the ability to roll back unwanted changes.

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal  System Requirements

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal For Free 1 Year License Serial Key

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal works great combined with Microsoft® Security Essentials software, so Your PC must run genuine Windows to install  Microsoft® Security Essentials . Go here to grab it now and please, enter the text from the picture for free getting activation key for SysWatch Personal for Microsoft® Security Essentials - 1 year licence and Click "Get For Free",  the key will showed .. . Download the Software here


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