PDFescape: Creating and Editing PDF Files Without Using Software

Application online or often referred to as a web app is increasingly prevalent existence. This is evidenced by the emergence of various online applications, ranging from financial applications, productivity applications, office applications, and many other application categories. I will discuss PDFescape, an application PDF editor you can use for free.

PDFescape very useful for those of you who want to edit or create PDF files, but you do not have a PDF creator software such as Adobe PDF. PDFescape allows you to create and edit PDF files without any software!

To start using PDFescape, you simply visit this page PDFescape. After that you can register or if you do not want complicated, you simply log in with your Google or Facebook. Once you login, you can upload a PDF file for editing or create a new PDF file.

The following is a list of features that you can exploit this PDFescape of applications for free:

1. PDF Reader Online

PDFescape can open a PDF file, rotate, zoom, select text and copy it, search for text in pdf based on the keywords you want, save, download, and print PDF documents.

2. PDF Editor Online

PDFescape can add text, shape, remove certain parts (whiteout), etc. into your PDF document. In addition you can also move and delete a particular page that you want, membvuat PDF link to another page or website url, change the tags information PDF, encrypt PDF document with a password, add images in PDF files, as well as adding a signature in your PDF documents.

3. PDF Form Filler Online

With PDFescape, you can fill in the form of PDF format. You can fill it with text, check boxes, radio buttons, lists, drop down menus, etc..

4. PDF Form Designer

PDFescape can add a form in the PDF file you have. Any form that you add you can set the font type, font size, font color, and other parameters.

5. PDF Annotator Online

You can add comments, annotations, notes, or menghighlight text you want in your PDF file.

Unlike the free PDF software is usually included watermark in the PDF creator free version, PDFescape is free of watermarks and does not require registration (you can log in with your Google or Facebook). Simple and easy is not it?

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