Melomania 1.8 New Version Incl Serial Key [24 Hours]

Vista 32bit. Downloaded, installed, registered flawlessly. In short – WOW!! The first and ONLY music databasing program to handle my > 30G of music files without choking and flipping out! And, did so flawlessly, while finding duplicates, finding albums for songs I didn’t know what album they went with, and creating an awesome environment to find and use them. Uses your preferred player (instead of an inferior one of its own), sorts and organizes VERY well, and offers you to have and organize via several collections instead on of one big one. Negs – sometimes lists “albums” when showing lists via “artists”, did not alway find cover art when it was right there with the album, and does not auto-save after a scan (which wasn’t apparent until I couldn’t find during Search the stuff I just added) but is easily solved by remembering to hit the Save button. I have used many of the free and costly DB’s for music and find this one to be well worth the cost as advertised.

Melomania is the handiest music organizer software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collection of any kind, from vinyls to MP3s, and provides you with a quantity of facilities to manage music database. What's new in Melomania 1.89?
-Implemented ability of export the album covers into a local folder.
-Fixed bug with the 'HTTP 1.1/403 Forbidden' error occurrence during cover art download for an album containing brackets in its title.
-Fixed bug with loading data for the album "Machine Head" by Deep Purple in the Internet ------Finder: the incomplete list of tracks was loaded there.
-Fixed bug with the 'Memory Out' error occurrence during retrieving data about Ozzy Osbourne and some other artists in the Internet Finder.
-Fixed issue with loss of text formatting during exporting artist and album descriptions into HTML.
-Made some other small improvements and fixes.

Melomania 1.8 New Version Key features:

  • automatic adding of digital tracks,
  • lent media tracking,
  • instant cover download,
  • handy navigation,
  • instant and powerful search,
  • customized item grouping,
  • multi-format export,
  • printing,
  • customized views,
  • statistics and custom ratings.
  • System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP (x32/x64)

Melomania 1.8 New Version Giveaway

Melomania 1.8 is available as a Giveaway of the day! The program is available for $49.95, but it will be free as a time-limited offer. Go to Their Giveaway Page to download it and get Melomania 1.8 New Version Incl Serial Key [24 Hours]

User name: Giveaway of the day
Registration key: 8PW4KA-AZ6BVV-K95MUJ-QUJRJR

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