Google Screenwise Panel - Get Paid For Browsing the Internet by Google

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Do not blink. Its true!! Google pays you to browse the Internet. Now stop thinking too much and read on..

If your question is why? Then let me tell you.. When you start browsing, certain web companies track your actions so as to know what you do on the Internet.

This includes tracking by third party via advertisements, social networking and many other such scripts. They do all this so that they know the trends of the Internet. They want to know what people are looking out for on the web so that they can prepare themselves for the future.

Even though the intention may seem somewhat good in a long run to the Internet users, but it is purely to develop products and services for their own respective companies in the days to come.

The privacy of the Internet user has been at stake from since many years now. As I am typing this, I am being monitored. Also, as you read this… I need not tell it again.

Google has been doing this for a long time now. And now at the wake of their new policy change and cries from various corners of the globe against it, they want to pay Internet users who are being monitored.

Google Screenswise Panel - Get Paid For Browsing the Internet by Google

Google is about to launch a new project called Screenwise. An ambitious project that allows them to monitor the sites users visit and various actions they do. The users participating in this project get paid up to $25 in gift cards over the course of a year.

Users who sign up get a $5 Amazon gift card right away, and then additional $5 gift cards for every three months they stay in the project. Google plans to use this information to “improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone”.

If you're looking to make a little more dough, Ars Technica reports that you'll be able to opt for a more lucrative hardware monitoring option. Here, you'll have to install the Screenwise Data Collector ( thePicture below) on your home network; however, the pay out is an initial Benjamin and $20 for every month you participate. Sound like something you'd want in on? Hit the source link below to be notified when registration opens.

Update: Google has passed along the following statement on the Screenwise project with a reminder that participation in the panel is 100% voluntary.

How to join this Project?
If you wish to participate in this, then all you need to do is to download the Google Screenwise browser extension for the Chrome browser and use the browser for your Internet activities.

You must be over 13 years of age to participate in this project. Going a step ahead, Google also says that the company will not save user email addresses, or “associate it with any other personally identifiable information”.

Google has partnered up with Knowledge Networks, a research company that specializes in Internet research for carrying out this project.

Visit the Screenwise webpage here and submit your email address to receive notifications when registration opens.

The project is still in its initial stage and users will receive participation information in the coming days.

The project, even though being an opt-in, will certainly face both appreciation and criticism from various communities of the world. Now it is all left to you.. Are willing to give up your privacy for 12 months for $25 in Amazon gift certificates?

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