Download & Get Serial of Laplink PCmover Express v6 For Free and legally full version (worth £20.95)

Laplink PCmover Express 6 provides an easier way to move to a new PC. There's no need to manually reinstall all your applications, add updates, find extensions and addons. Instead, PCmover Professional will take the programs you specify, and transfer them, their settings and data from one PC to another.

This isn't a complicated process. PCmover is essentially just a wizard, so once you've installed it on both PCs, then you simply start on the new computer and follow the instructions. Keep clicking Next and the program will walk you through each step of the process.

It can't do everything, of course. If you're moving to a Windows 7 PC, say, and one of your favourite old applications isn't 7-compatible, then PCmover might transfer the raw files but it isn't going to work. System tools like antivirus programs are difficult to migrate, too. And the program won't even try to move hardware drivers, which is probably a very good thing (that could cause more problems than it solves).

You also need to be very careful when using the program, as the licence is for a single migration only. If you forget to tell the program to transfer a particular application, and don't notice until the process is complete, then you can't try it again without buying another licence.

In our tests this didn't matter, though, as PCmover worked almost perfectly, first time. It successfully transferred our selected installed applications, data, Windows settings and more, and is a great way to reduce the hassles of moving to a new PC.

Review by Mike Williams - downloadcrew.com

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 / Media Center / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • 200 MB of hard disk space
  • Internet Access

Laplink PCmover Express v6 Giveaway

Laplink have provided a page for you to get your PCmover Express serial code, worth $29.95. However, this registration page is only online for the next 48 hours. To get your serial code, go to
Note that this is Laplink PCmover Express v6 with a single (1-migration) license, meaning you can use your license code to transfer one computer within your household or small business department. Ideal for moving your data and installed apps to a brand new PC. The Express version will install all your data and settings, plus up to three installed applications. If you use Express to migrate your computer, we suggest you migrate your most important three applications.

Remember, registration is only available for the next 48 hours. Get your code even if you do not intend to use your software until a later date.

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