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After yesterday I gave a link on how to get 3 software from SuperEasy, then today one software again for free full version From SuperEasy, SuperEasy Checker Codec. "Not playable", "Codec not found", "XXX cannot play the desired video because...", "No filter found", "XXX could not render". Quite some movie night has been ended abruptly or at least interrupted by a message like this – which may not be surprising since software players usually inform you that a problem has occurred (which you already know of course), but not about why it occurred or how it could be solved (which you would like to know).

This is where the SuperEasy Codec Checker steps into the breach. The software analyzes video clips and audio files and lists the found information in a clear tree structure. Classified by audio- and video stream and by used file format the software informs you about for instance resolution, frame rate, file container, audio- and video bit rate as well as about the used codec. With this information you are perfectly equipped to install possibly missing software or to filter incompatible attributes of your current player during recoding – with our SuperEasy Video Converter for example.

For a program that purports to help you find out what codecs are missing from your system, SuperEasy Codec Checker is woefully inadequate. It knew nothing about codecs even mildly off the beaten path such as OGG, Flac, and even common .FLV--this despite the codecs in question being installed on my system, and the company claiming to support them. Even worse, this free program was buggy, throwing .NET errors and ceasing to display its bitmapped buttons correctly.

Codec Checker's interface is simple, but so is the program.SuperEasy Codec Checker has one possibly useful trick--altering the header of 4CC (a common codec that comes in many wrappers) files so that they appear as a supported file to some early hardware video players. This could be handy for older hardware players, but if your software player is challenged in this regard, it's time for a new one.

You can get nearly the same information that's provided by SuperEasy Codec Checker by simply right-clicking any audio/video file within Windows, selecting properties, and going to the details tab. Even better, you can download the free VLC Player, which understands virtually every codec in existence. Not only does it provide the pertinent codec information, it plays the files as well.

The only reason to download SuperEasy Codec Checker is if you need to change the file header in 4CC video files and don't know how to do it manually (with a hex/disk editor such as TinyEdit or UltraEdit). I'd say this even if the codec checker had worked perfectly for me, especially in light of the stream of advertising for the company's other products at the bottom of the program window.



AVI, DV Type-1, DV Type-2, DivX AVI, MPEG, MPEG-1, Video CD, MPEG-2, Super Video CD, MPEG-M1V, MPEG-M2V, VOB, MP4, Nero Digital, 3GP, 3G2, PSP, WMV, ASF, Nintendo DS, Ogg, Matroska, DVD, MVR, DVD+, QuickTime, MOV, Real Media, AUDIO, Wave, MP3, MPA, MPEG-M1A, MPEG-M2A, Matroska Audio, Real Media Audio, AIFF, AIFC, AU, IFF, PAF, SD2, SF, VOC, V64, MAT, PVF, XI, HTK, SDS, AVR, AC3, DTS, AAC, APE, MAC, FLAC, CDXA, Audio CD, M4P DRM, M4P, Ogg Audio, Subtitle, DVD IFO, Matroska and Real Media.


  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows Media Player 10 or 11
  • .NET Framework Version 2.0 (is automatically installed if not yet available)
  • Important for Vista: Please ensure that the sound-card is correctly installed!
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Pentium-compatible processor
  • Mouse


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