Download SpinnerChief 2 Beta: Article Spinner Software with Premium Features (Valued at $ 197)


SpinnerChief 2 is here in beta, and it's free for everybody to download and use! Spinnerchief 2 has been released in beta, with many new features. It is available to all readers, we just ask that you report back here or if you have any feature suggestions. (link is in the software itself).

It has all of the fantastic features of prevous versions of Spinnerchief Elite, plus some amazing new features that will skyrocket your content writing to new levels.

Why Is It Free?

SpinnerChief Elite is the highest version of a very full featured. To have it, you are required to pay $ 197.

But you do not need to worry, SpinnerChief 2 Beta which is the latest version you can get free and legal in a way which I will explain shortly.

SpinnerChief 2 Beta has all the features SpinnerChief Elite (worth $ 197) plus a range of powerful new features. It is in beta, which means that although we have tested it fully, there may be some bugs, and there may be improvements we could make.

To get SpinnerChief 2 Beta for free and legal, just follow the following guidelines:

1. Download SpinnerChief 2 Beta here
2. extract Spinnerchief2.zip then run SpinnerChiefII.exe
3. Enter your name and email, then fill in the following code in the Payment Code column.
use paycode: beta-wf
4. Now you can enjoy all the features for free via the Elite SpinnerChief SpinnerChief 2 Beta.
Authorisation is automatic.

Of a little experiment I did, there are a few tips you can use to get an article with the results of spinning a good and readable.

1. Use a thesaurus to get synonyms Cloud is more diverse and accurate.
2. Make more than one article spinning so you can pick the best of several versions available.
3. You can also manually select the synonym for the best results, but this will take longer.

Of course, sophisticated, sophistication of the program .. will not be able to produce the perfect article spinner. Sometimes spinning the article also produce articles that are difficult to understand, chaotic grammar, etc..

Good information about the article spinner software: SpinnerChief 2 Beta is beneficial to you. thank you

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