Unlimited Serial License of FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express For Free

Unlimited Serial License of FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express For Free

FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express is a “Green Application” that provides complete PC backup recovery with no installation required. Simply restart your system and boot into the TotalRecovery™ 7 Express built-in operating system to backup or restore your entire system or files. TotalRecovery™ Express is fast, easy and leaves no imprint on your hard drive!

Don´t want the hassle of installing another program for backup? With TotalRecovery™ Express, you can execute all your backups and restoration procedures without installing any software! Instead of spending hours or days to migrate your data and Windows to a newly purchased hard drive, it takes only minutes for TotalRecovery™ 7 to completely move everything including files, photos, music, application settings, and your operating system.

Reaferences: http://www.farstone.com/software/totalrecovery-express.php

One time i was playing starcraft when my cat jumps on the keyboard and starts jumping around!! i got mad so i took it outside when i notice my computer froze. so i restarted my computer until i found out it my uninstall button on the game!(i don't know why i even had that icon) so i begin to rummage around my room when i aciddently stepped on my cd. after hours of shouting and anger management(jk:D) i check my computer to see that if i use driveclone to save my disk, well it took me minutes before i found my game in some other file. so in the end of the day: the cat got wet, reinstalled my game, killed alot of aliens:D.

FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express Benefits and Features :

  • Easily Migrate your HDD to SSD! Clone everything, including your personal files, Windows system files and all applications on your current hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) in just one click.
  • Upgrade your Hard drive in a click! If your current hard drive isn’t big enough, TotalRecovery™ 7 Express makes it easy to migrate all of your data, applications, and even your Operating System to a bigger device!
  • Handy data and file recovery tool to retrieve files from a crashed system! TotalRecovery™ 7's Recovery Manager is a powerful utility allowing you to boot into a crashed system by its built-in pre-operating system to rescue your precious files from the non-operational drive.
  • Max Speed with Solid State Drive (SSD)! Total Backup Recovery 7 Workstation clones (moves) your hard drive to SSD drive in minutes so you can avoid spending hours or weeks on reinstalling all programs.
  • Bare Metal Recovery made easy! If Windows fails to start, you can still restore your PC to its previous working state in minutes!
  • Universal Restore/Dissimilar Restore. Restore to original or different computer (i.e. migrate to a newly purchased computer), or even to a virtual machine without any hassle.
  • Unique Total File Shredder™ included - securely remove data from outside of Windows. When it does become necessary to completely remove files (i.e, handing a PC off to a new user), any tool used in Windows still leaves traces on your drive - and tracing software can easily be hidden. FarStone's unique Total File Shredder™ is compliant to the US DoD 5220.22-M Standard and securely deletes all traces of sensitive data (such as confidential emails, legal documents, financial data, etc.) from outside of the Windows environment.
  • Recovery CD/DVD or Restore Image File Creation. After spending hours or days upgrading your system to Windows 7, capture your PC in perfect condition. You can make a recovery CD/DVD, or an image file for it with only a few clicks.

FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express System Requirements :

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, and Windows 7 (Both 32-64 Bit Supported), Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server(Both 32-64 Bit Supported, Windows Small Business Server (Both 32-64 Bit Supported), Linux & Unix
  • Backup Destination Storage Supported: Internal. Hard Drive, External USB Hard Drive, USB Flash, SSD (Solid State Drive), 1394 FireWire Hard Drive, Network Shared Folder, Network Drive, NAS , iSCSI, and iPSAN Storage, CD/DVD, RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD Disk Array
  • Supported File Systems: FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3, ReiserFS, Linux Swap and other unknown partitions.

Serial License of FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express For Free

For this giveaway, the following applies:
1) Total Recovery Express is the workstation, not the server.2) Total Recovery Express does not support dynamic volume and UEFI-based systems.3) The Internet functionality, it is necessary to add network driver for Windows Vista 32bit.

Normally FarStone’s TotalRecovery™ 7 Express is 31.99 euros, but softwaregifts.nl in partnership with FarStone (sponsor of this giveaway) They is giving away unlimited 1-year licenses for the readers of softwaregifts.nl. This giveaway can be requested until February 14, 2012. The license you will be sent by e-mail is valid until February 14, 2013

This offer / discount code is only valid on http://www.farstone.be and can not be used on websites FarStone in other countries!

More Info here ... (you need translator ad Google translate)

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