P-Apps: Make your software to be Portable Software

P-Apps: Make your software to be Portable Software

Currently mobility becomes a separate demands, including for computer users. It made a lot of developers create software in two versions, Installer and Portable. Even now not infrequently also cloud services that increasingly favor the users with high mobility rates. But of course, not all software are portable. But do not worry,  you can make any software you want to be portable by using P-Apps. Curious?. Curious?

Actually there are several advantages if we use a portable software:
1. Practical, portable software can be used without having to be installed.
2. Not slow down your computer because it does not make many changes to the registry like the software with the installer.
3. Portable software on average only requires a small memory resources, however its use is sometimes a bit slower than the software installation.
4. You can run portable software directly from a flash drive, portable hard drive, etc..
5. Can run on any computer, anywhere (as long as the computer's operating system support) without having to install on the computer in question.
6. You can run a wide-range version of the software simultaneously. Ex: Firefox Version 5, 6, 7 and 8 you can run together after making a portable version of each.

P-Apps comes as a solution for those of you who prefer to use a portable software, but your favorite software does not have a portable version.

P-Apps software can make you want to be portable by capturing the installation process and create a portable version. In the process, P-Apps require you to install software that will you make a portable version. Here you can take advantage of virtual systems with VirtualBox.

Here is a video using the P-Apps that I got from the official website

1. P-Apps software only works for the Windows platform. This software supports all versions of Windows operating systems.
2. In order for P-Apps to work properly, your computer must be installed on the Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5
3. P-Apps is still a new software (currently version 1). Certainly there are still some bugs and still needs further development.

Easy is not it? Now you can make whatever you want software to be portable. Download now here!

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