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Launching a new web site is the greatest feeling in the world. Click a button, the site goes live and you’re officially in business.  HOWEVER, getting to that point is a melting pot of headaches, sleepless nights, complications and stress. 
So why not be a smart Sumo-ling and let Launchlist take away some of that stress?

Launchlist is the ultimate website checklist application that helps you test and ensure that your sites are ready for prime time before launch.

Here’s what makes Launchlist awesome:

  • Launch websites with confidence. The central Launchpad gives you an overview of your projects, so you can see where all your projects are at and when they’re ready to launch.
  • Create, save, edit & archive. Create new checklists, update them as you progress and archive them when your site is launched.
  • Define your own templates. Customized lists for everything - from web apps to email newsletters.
  • Create your own individual checklist templates for all of your different projects.

  • Combine & collaborate. Add collaborators to your launch lists, and send reports to everyone on your team.

Grab this deal here if you are even THINKING about launching anything. It won’t be around forever, so act quickly!

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