Giveaway: Acronis True Image Personal 2010 For Free License Key Incl Serial Number Full Version (US and CANADA Only)

Photos, music, documents, emails - your PC is packed with valuable files, any of which could disappear in a heartbeat if your hard drive is corrupted. It's a very good idea to protect yourself by running regular backups, then. And Acronis True Image Personal 2010 provides everything you need to get started.

If you're only looking to back up the essentials, for instance, the program's File Backup wizard will quickly walk you through the necessary steps. Check a few boxes to select your most important folders, choose your backup destination (a local, external or network drive), and the program could be ready to go in under a minute. Spend just a moment more configuring the scheduler and True Image Personal 2010 will in future run the same backup job entirely automatically, without you having to do anything else at all.

For a more comprehensive approach, then you could always opt to back up an entire partition. It's just as easy to set up, and again can be scheduled to run automatically, so you can have your system regularly backed up with the absolute minimum of hassle.

And if you prefer online backups then they're also supported, although you'll have to subscribe to the Acronis online backup service before you can use this.

If disaster strikes at any point, then there are many ways to recover your files. You can restore entire backups, for instance. There's an option to mount an image so you can restore just the files and folders you need. If Windows won't boot, then you can launch the Startup Recovery Manager and access a backup. And, of course, there's also the option to create a bootable rescue disc which will quickly have your PC back to normal.

And you even get some useful bonus tools, including an SSD Trim tool, and a file shredder which can securely delete confidential files. Acronis True Image Personal 2010 is a powerful backup tool, designed for home users, with a host of useful features


Reference: Downloadcrew.com , Acronis.com

Despite all this power, True Image Personal 2010 is actually a cut down version of the regular application. There's no support for incremental or differential backups, for instance; the scheduler only supports a "weekly" option; and the program can't run the System State, Email or Application Settings backup type. These options are still displayed on the menus, but are greyed out. If you'd like to upgrade and get access to all of these features, and more, click "Get the full version" on the toolbar and follow the instructions.

Giveaway: Acronis True Image Personal 2010

Downloadcrew Giveaway
This download offer is available for US and Canadian residents only, from 18:00 Thursday January 19th, Eastern Standard Time, through to 23:59 Friday January 20th, exclusively from Downloadcrew Giveaway. The download link will take you to Giveaway, where you can register and download.

Please note, Acronis True Image Personal 2010 requires activating before you'll be able to use it. Launch the program, click "Get key" and complete the form to receive your activation key, making sure to enter your stub key you will receive after registering on the Downloadcrew Giveaway page. You will receive a full serial code from Acronis in return.

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