Get Free Ebook: Robin Nixon’s HTML5 Crash Course: Learn HTML5 in 20 Easy Lessons

Robin Nixon’s HTML5 Crash Course: Learn HTML5 in 20 Easy Lessons

Whether you are a professional or amateur web developer you need all the HTML5 tools in your kit, and this book from the author of the best-selling Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaSript, is the fastest and easiest way there is to learn HTML5.

HTML5 is the future of HTML and all developers need to get up-to-speed with what it offers, including audio and video, without using a plug-in, and a canvas area with professional tools for creating paths, lines, curves, shapes, fills, gradients, patterns, text and more.

It also provides accurate geolocation, background web workers, offline web applications, microdata, a local storage engine and many other improvements to standard HTML, such as dozens of new form tags and attributes, as described in the following chapter list:
  • Introduction to HTML
  • The Layout of an HTML Document
  • The HTML Document Body
  • Fonts, Colors & Images
  • Lists & Tables
  • Links, Forms & Frames
  • List of HTML 4.01 Tags
  • An Introduction To HTML5
  • The HTML5 Canvas
  • Fills, Rectangles, Gradients & Patterns
  • Writing Text To The Canvas
  • Lines, Paths & Curves
  • Images, Shadows & Pixels
  • Compositing, Transparency & Transformations
  • HTML5 Geolocation
  • HTML5 Forms
  • HTML5 Local Storage
  • HTML5 Audio
  • HTML5 Video
  • Microdata, Web Workers & Web Applications

Reasons you will learn all you need from this course:

  • Each Lecture begins by listing the three key skills you will learn.
  • A summary at the end of each lecture reminds you what you have learned.
  • Useful, fully-tested examples illustrate every tag, attribute and function.
  • Each lecture features several notes providing extra, handy advice.
  • The examples can all be downloaded from the companion website

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