Get a 30 day pass to Zapier private launch

All you really wanted was a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass and this thing which tells time build right in to the stock.

But mom and dad kept saying, "No, you'll blast your eyes out!"

Now that I think about it, it's kinda like being a customer for multiple web applications and all you want is a few out of the box integrations.

Now maybe it isn't quite the same, but don't you get tired of asking your project management web app to build an integration with Wufoo or MailChimp or that little web app you love so much only to get turned down time and time again?

This is where Zapier comes in handy.

You could hire an expensive developer for thousands of $$$$$ to build custom integrations or you could hire some lazy interns who will spend hours and hours but only mess the job up...

Or just have Zapier do it for you.

Zapier is an integration as a service web app that makes it easy to push data between dozens of web applications without having write any messy code or deal with those weird API thingy-ma-jigs.

Here's a few ways Zapier can help you:

  • Push survey results or Twitter feeds into your CRM so you know exactly what your customers are saying.
  • Create new issues or stories in GitHub or PivotalTracker any time someone submits a support issue to Zendesk or Assistly.
  • Push projects and tasks from your Project Management tool to a better time tracker like Toggl so you can keep better track of what you spend time on.
  • Or create your own Rube Goldberg mashup of web apps to create a perfectly customized system for managing your workflow.
  • Zapier is still closed to the public, but this fat-sumo went to the Zapier X-Mas party last night.

So go treat yourself to the gift everyone keeps telling you that you can't have before the Zapier crew wakes up from their slumber and closes up the door.

This Product is normaly $1 value, You can Get a 30 day pass to Zapier's private launch here

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