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 Lame Castle
Lame Castle is a lot of fun. The controls are dead simple and work perfectly. Your character gallops on his stick horse automatically and you press the left side of the screen to jump (double tap to double jump) and the right side of the screen to attack with your lance. As you progress through each level your character speeds up which adds to the challenge. The goal is to reach the castle at the end of the level and rescue the princess. There are secondary challenges on each level like collecting 500 treasure points which adds to the relay value. Once you beat the 20+ levels you can also play the endless mode which is also a lot of fun.

The graphics are perfect for a game like this and are quite unique. The whole game looks like it was drawn and colored with crayons (this is a good thing!). This style of graphics really makes this game stand out and just adds to an already great game.

Some reviewers mentioned that they didn't particularly enjoy the music or sound effects but I thought both of these were well done and add to the game. I suppose if I had to be critical the sound effects for some of the animals that you kick around can get a bit annoying. I juggled a chicken for almost an entire level and every time I poked him with my lance he squawked.

I havent run into any bugs or crashes at all during my gameplay.

As Amazon's free app of the day this a must download. I also feel that this is game is absolutely worth the regular 1.49 asking price.

Product Features

24 levels, each with a special bonus objective
4 unique, endless challenge modes
Xperia PLAY optimized

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