Free Android Games: Fluffy Birds Deluxe [24 Hours]

Lovers of match-three games, visual puzzles, and super-adorable birdies are in luck: hours of challenging fun await you in Fluffy Birds Deluxe, a game for your Android device. Sit back, relax, and match groups of similarly-colored birds in three separate game modes. As you play, enjoy soothing sounds and high-definition graphics featuring some seriously cuddly birds.

Three Ways to Play

In this game, the learning curve is gentle--much like the birds themselves. You can choose from three modes, each of which features lots of feathery friends perched on wires. No matter what mode you play, you'll shift entire rows and columns of birds to form groups. But each mode offers a distinct play experience.

In Casual mode, you'll be given a certain amount of time in which to match groups of similarly-colored birds. You'll earn points for every group of three that you form, as well as for sets of bonus eggs that pop up now and again. See how many matches you can make before time runs out!

Relaxation mode is exactly what it suggests: a dialed-down version of Casual mode. There's no clock here, so take your time as you match groups of birds and send them on their way. You may even discover some Zen-like satisfaction as you settle into the relaxed vibe.

Puzzle mode is a bit different. Here, you'll shift rows of birds to match a pattern that's been pre-set by the computer--the fewer moves you make, the better your score. Start with an easy puzzle, then progress through increasingly difficult challenges. There are 20 different mind-bending puzzles to work with, so you'll find plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. Have fun!

Fluffy Birds Deluxe Features

  • Play this adorable match-3 puzzle game on your Android device
  • Match groups of 3 or more cute, similarly-colored birds
  • Choose from 3 modes: Casual, Relaxation, and Puzzle
  • Listen to soothing music and fun sound effects
  • Enjoy HD-quality graphics featuring seriously cuddly birds
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 1.6

Free Android Games: Fluffy Birds Deluxe [24 Hours]

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