Free Android Game: Missile Defender 1.05 Full Version

Missile Defender goes a long way towards proving that a touch screen device, especially a tablet, is what missile defense games were meant to be played on.

The touch control is basically flawless. I played the game for over an hour and not once did I miss any missiles that were because of bad control. Basically, every single error I made was due to my own miscalculation.

The game also has a nifty mechanic for continuing on. You basically have upgrades that you can "buy" with points earned during the round before the next round. You can make your blast radius larger, your missiles faster, your blast last longer, or carry more missiles. This is a great way of allowing you to build a strategy as you continue on into the later levels, when it can get pretty hectic.

The sounds are basic but work very well. The game sounds nice. The graphics are also very basic, but they are also very nice to look at. In a very "HD Retro" way, the game looks fantastic.

Overall, I truly enjoy the game. I'll be keeping it on my device for a long time. I'm playing it on a Kindle Fire.

Defend your city against an enemy bombardment in this touchscreen twist on the classic arcade game. Intercept missiles, upgrade your defenses, and play through limitless levels. See how long you're able to hold out before your physical and psychological defenses crumble.

Hit or Missile
Incoming missiles rain down at night--tap on the screen and use the multi-touch feature to launch interceptors. Repairs and upgrades are available during the day, as you steel yourself for yet another fear-stricken night.
Upgrade your defenses in this Sisyphean struggle against the Fates
Anticipate the path of enemy missiles and pick your targets accurately. Keep an eye on your own missile count and use them strategically. Be constantly vigilant as difficulty increases each nightfall. And keep holding on to the idea that someday it will all end. Someday...
Retro 80s Zeitgeist
Missile Defender is in the style of a classic 80s arcade game. It features clean HD art work, multi-touch controls, upgradable missiles, and endless levels of gameplay--without the oppressive fear of a real-world nuclear brinkmanship. If you've enjoyed those old quarter-guzzlers, Missile Defender is sure to bring back great memories.

Prepare to get nostalgic as you defend civilization from anachronistic existential threats in Missile Defender!

What's new in Missile Defender version 1.05

  • New auto-save feature so you can continue your game when you quit!
  • Fixed minor sound glitch
  • Fixed compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 2.1

Free Android Game: Missile Defender 1.05 Full Version

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