Free Android Game: Dead Runner Full Version [24 Hours]

I like this Dead Runner  game. I'll keep it as a time waster for a while. It's one of the more "original" and good looking amazon has offered recently. I quote original, because if you want to see how good this could be, check out Speedx 3d. That was one of the first I downloaded and still have it.

Anyway, at least there are different modes and achievements (half done after 15 mins).

Where it needs improvement...Music and Volume control. Only adjustment is in settings. Button will not work. Music is monotonous. So dumb. Maybe some sound effects?

Oh yeah, and as for settings, those of you complaining about tilt sensitivity, maybe don't just jump into the game and not have a clue what you're doing. Not every device is the same and works as is. Especially all the kindle fire owners. You're very aggravating.

Unsidetracking...There needs to be a reference point. Remember the old racing games with three points of view? This needs that. I was trying to do the close call achievement, and just when I thought I figured it out... Tree. Put in a ghost image or a sight box or something. It would really help. It's a huge graveyard apparently, but there are more dead trees than dead people.I expected more gravestones. Huh.

I'm sure I could think of more, but that's all I've got for now.

Game Features:

  • Step into a haunted forest and run to save your life
  • Navigate through the haunted forest by tilting your device to change direction
  • Adjust sound settings and tilt sensitivity for perfect gameplay on your device
  • Run toward the shining lights to gather a reward while dodging danger in Points mode
  • Choose between 3 exciting game modes: Distance, Chase, and Points

Free Android Game: Dead Runner Full Version [24 Hours]

This Android Game is avaliable for $0.99 but now it is FREE. Download Free Android Game: Dead Runner Full Version [24 Hours]

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