Download Free MP3: Music To Open The Heart And Calm The Mind on Amazon

All too often the sampler and compilation albums have one or two good or better tracks, but this Music To Open The Heart And Calm The Mind MP3 download from Sounds True offers about 45 minutes of music that is perfect for reading or just relaxing and calming the mind, as the title suggests.

Downloaded this album and without previewing anything but the first track, put it on my player while reading a rather lengthy book of a technical nature... and suddenly the album was over. Forty-five minutes had passed, and as background music it had been perfect, and I had been able to concentrate on my reading without being disturbed by the cacophony that had been surrounding me.

The tracks are as follows:
1. Zenith, by Christopher Of The Wolves
2. Finding Forever, by Michael Brant Demaria
3. Safe Passage (Tamuke), by Riley Lee
4. Finding Joy Through Compassion For Others, by Nawang Khechog
5. Inescapable Brightness, by Bruce Lipton & Russel Walder
6. Moussorgsky - Meditation, by Andrew Weil, MD & Joshua Leeds
7. Blessings, by Singh Kaur

There is not a single mediocre offering on this album. It has excellent continuity from track to track, which is unusual in so many samplers such as this. Some of these artists fall into the "new age" category, and each artist or group has other albums available if you find a favorite. Each track can be sampled so you can see what you think, but this one is a worthy download if you're looking for excellent music for relaxing or reading.

After listening to the seven tracks on this album a few times, this listener decided to look up the company on the 'Net. Sounds True, founded in 1985, bills themselves as a company that "exists to inspire, support, and serve personal transformation and spiritual awakening." No wonder this album is put together so well.

This one is a 5-star offering, and best of all, it's a freebie, at least for now.

Get Free MP3: Music To Open The Heart And Calm The Mind on Amazon

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