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Ultra Voice Changer 1.15

Ultra Voice Changer is a very popular fun application for Android platform that changes your voice using various interesting voice effects such as robot, alien, chipmunk, deep, helium, possessed, bee, echo, hyper, slow motion, etc.

Users can try more voice effects if they purchase Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer application.
When recording your voice try using different recording volume levels to find the levels that work best for your Android.

The Deluxe version includes 11 additional voice effects (4 robot, 2 alien, 5 other voices). For best results, follow the directions below.. I suspect most of the people who are getting substandard results have not been following the directions..

For Motorola Atrix users, there’s a known issue with audio recording — the next software update from Motorola should fix the issue.

Note that if you purchase ‘More Voices’, you’re actually purchasing the app containing these additional voices — it’s call ‘Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer’. You need to install this app to get the additional voices.

NOTE: When recording, try using different recording volume levels (look for the recording volume control within the app) in order to find the levels that work best for your device. The default recording level of 1 may not be optimal for your device, so you may need to play around with that setting to get good recordings..

If you hear excessive static during playback, try lowering your recording volume and make a new recording using this lower recording volume setting.


If you are unable to record audio using this app, try the following:

CHECK 1: Speak closely into the microphone.
CHECK 2: Raise the speaker volume on your phone/device.
CHECK 3: Raise the recording volume from within the app.
CHECK 4: Also, if you have a bluetooth headset and you are not able to record audio or just get static, try turning your bluetooth headset off and see if that resolves the issue.

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