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BugrocketWant to get more done every time you code? Tired of dealing with hundreds of unnecessary features and wish there was a simple, easy-to-use bug tracker?

Bugrocket is here to BLAST away the competition (oh yeah, I went there). It’s a streamlined, light weight bug tracker that will let you focus on writing code, rather than dealing with complicated software!

How do you know it will let you write more code?

This wasn’t crafted in some business lab because guys in suits thought it was necessary!

It was built by developers for developers to solve their own problems!

Developers know you don’t need Gantt charts, rules, and road maps. You just need to write more code, and Bugrocket delivers!

This is the closest thing to a list of features Bugrocket has:
  • Capture the bug
  • Discuss and prioritize
  • Note when it gets fixed and verified
  • That’s it… This is like the virtual version of those old school index cards tacked on your wall.
In a small team, what else do you need?

Extra (wasted) features only make you as slow as this fat Sumo!

What You Get
  • Three months of service
  • Inline image/file attachments
  • Simple watchlist editing
  • Tiny tagging (think Gmail labels)
  • Detailed history of every action taken
  • Inter-ticket links
  • Markdown (w/ flavor a-la GitHub)

Grab this deal now here! They can only give away so many of these $60 values for free...

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