Aomei Partition Assistant Professional 4.0 For Free Full version (download before January, 5th)

Partition is not a difficult thing for people who are experts or familiar with computers, but for the layman or just know the computer, this can be very difficult. Luckily there are various kinds of software that is easier for us to do the partitioning. One of the software partitioning is Partition Assistant Professional Edition which normally sells for $ 36. Through this article, I will show you how to get the Partition Assistant Professional for free and legally.

Partition Assistant Professional Edition is a software made Aomei which has a function similar to Partition Magic. Software you can use to create partitions, delete partitions, enlarge the size of the partition, the size of the partition, combining multiple partitions, and break down the partition.

Partition Assistant Professional Edition 4 Screenshot

By using Partition Assistant Professional, all existing data on your partitions will be safe and will not disappear after the partition process takes place. Of course this is interesting because you can partition without having to move your data first.

Normally, Partition Assistant Professional Edition 4 sells for $ 36. But until January 5th, 2012 you can get for free and legally.

Download the installer Partition Assistant Professional Edition 4 here before January 5, 2012:
NB: The download link above will die after January 5, 2012. You can download on my collection in minus.com if it avaliable :)

After you install the installer above, then the Partition Assistant Professional Edition 4 will be installed in full version and ready for use.

Remember, just one day your chance to get Partition Assistant 4 Professional Edition for free and legally. Please be best utilized

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