Wondershare Movie Story & Führerschein 2012 - Theoretische Prüfung (Driving 2012 - Theoretical Examination) For Free Full Version incl Serial Key

They still have no Christmas and no idea what you could surprise your loved one? Then you avoid the last-minute shopping just yet and instead install this full version. Because with Wondershare Movie Story easily create videos from your photos and a great slideshow. Burn this either on a disc or save them the ready file on your hard disk.

Wondershare Movie Story & Führerschein 2012 - Theoretische Prüfung [ Driving 2012 - Theoretical Examination] For Free Full Version incl Serial Key

First,  Download the Softwares here: http://download.pcwelt.de/public/_Adventskalender/XMas-Package.zip

- How to get serial key for full version of Wondershare Movie Story:

 For the installation you will need a license name and serial number. To do this, on the following website: http://www.wondershare.de/aktivierung.html and then enter your email address and the activation code: q2u5e-ybp2b-m2zfx-ykikz-c9mak

Click "Übermitteln". You will then receive an email with registration information. Enter the license name and serial number when the program first then start to pop up a window and finally click "Registrieren".

To celebrate the day you come today in addition to the enjoyment of a second free full version. Both programs are available in the package ready for download.

- Führerschein 2012 - Theoretische Prüfung - Theory test is not only the ideal preparation for any novice driver's license, but can also use it well, if the license is several years old. The program contains the official list of questions, which is valid since 01.07.2011. So that you learn in the comfort on your home PC for the theoretical driving test in categories A, A1, B, C, C1, D, D1, L, M, S, T, and moped. The integrated audit function also allows a test under real test conditions. Who owns the license for some time, can bring back the other hand, his theoretical knowledge on the current status and see if he would pass the theory test today.

The educational software runs under Windows XP, Vista and 7

How to get serial key for full version: In order to install the full version, you need a personal user ID and a registration code. You can get both for a complimentary registration to the manufacturer. Just click to start the installation on the "Internet" and follow the instructions.

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