Star Defender 2 Pc Game

Time to download free games abroad! Aliens exist! Even if you never thought that after this match is going to change his mind. But not all are friendly. Some foreign hostility and show aspire to conquer the galaxy. The gameplay is realistic in terms of quantity to feel directly involved in the plot area to spend fantastic presentation level after level. In this game great game you have the opportunity to defeat the invading armies of great cruelty and save the galaxy!

The responsibility for safeguarding the entire galaxy is placed entirely on you. You are the hero in the universe! Destroy more than 30 absolutely original enemy units, while the performance of nine missions designed by an evil boss thirsty for a chance to rule the Galaxy.

The game consists of more than 100 breathtaking levels as a result of the passage you’re supposed to collect all 17 original bonuses. Trace amount of different weapons you use in the many struggles that come your way, designing a strategy to fight and win unique you are aiming for! Download the game of foreigners and an adventure full of danger! Every new mission has different background, that puts you in the mood for the battle of real space. Each type of enemy has its own pattern of behavior, weapons and life. Finally, the musical effects are awesome! Enjoy the unique and truly addictive gameplay for hours to be alone or with friends. Download the game free alien!

    * More than 30 absolutely original enemy units
    * 9 main duties of a huge boss at the end of each
    * 17 original bonuses
    * More than 100 breathtaking levels

System Requirements
    * Windows XP/Vista/7
    * 500 MHz processor or better
    * 128 MB of RAM
    * 32 MB of video memory

Download Star Defender 2 Pc Game
Password: softmediafire

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