MoneyBag PRO by 5dollarapps for free

MONEYBAG PRO FREE !!! FOR LIMITED TIME. Ever wondered where all your hard earned money went last month? MoneyBag can help you. It is a simple and elegant tool to manage all your financial transactions like income, expense and savings on a monthly basis, review your spending budgets and understand your spending and savings pattern so that you can be more aware of your financial behaviour. You can also share the transactions with your friends or family via Evernote and also would be able to Sync the data across multiple machines using Cloud Services. Get started on your financial journey.

1. Elegant design to capture all your transactions.
2. Create Custom transactions boxes to Organize your transactions and track them.
3. Share the transactions boxes with your friends, family or anyone through Evernote.
4. Create Notes for each transactions
5. Create Tags for each transactions
6. Enter Locations to track the transactions to do in that location
7. Mark the transactions as favorite or priority.
8. Edit transactions
9. Search any task using title, tags, locations.
10. View Completed transactions
11. Over 15 stunning themes to customize your app your way.
12. Keyboard Shortcuts
13. Settings
14. Help
15. Syncs the transactions from another netbook or laptop running windows xp, windows 7
16. Data Mining
17. Graphs and Charts
18. Spending Analysis
19. Monthly Analysis
20. Savings Analysis

1. Seamless Integration to Evernote.Share each transactionsbox as Notebooks in Evernote.
2. Share & View transactions anywhere in anydevice via evernote.
3. Seamless integration to DropBox Cloud Service.
4. Share & Manage your transactions from anywhere.Never miss your transactions again.

COMING SOON: - * Sharing Notes, Tags and Locations in Evernote Notebooks. * Intelligent "i" Factor * Schedule reminders * Support to Amazon and SugarSync cloud Services. * Configure repeat ( recursive transactions) * Custom Themes * Print * Export * Drag and positioning of transactions.\

Moneybag Pro for free Limited time. hurry up !! via Intel AppUp

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