Magix Xtreme Foto & Grafik Designer 5 (Silver) For Free Unlimited Full Version [24 Hours]

The following is the description of MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5 as per the developer:

Image Editing

Enhance your pictures, enrich them with professional filters and effects, or design unique photo & graphics creations. Everything works on a non-destructive vector basis for professional results (original photos remain unchanged).

The integrated real-time image editing enables ultra-fast, loss-free editing of pictures – even for very large image files.

Creative Effects

Artistic image design: Painting, pencil drawing, canvas, crayon, pastel, wrinkled, television, fisheye, newspaper, waveform, shutters, and much more.

Photo caricatures: Use the "liquid paint" function to give cranky colleagues big ears, have a friend sport big muscles, or your boss look out from a frame with droopy eyes.

Turn your photos into graphics: The "Bitmap Tracer" vectorizes image files into lines and shapes that you can edit freely.

And much more

Illustrate, draw & paint

Discover the world's fastest vector graphic engine and create graphic elements in real time. Enjoy next-generation graphic design throughout the entire process thanks to diverse drawing tools for freehand drawing (brush), shapes, graduated colors, fills, transitions, contour and relief effects, and easy drag & drop handling

  • Drawing tools & line gallery
  • Shadows & transparency
  • Color gradient & distortion

Text, layout & desktop publishing

Do you need nice titles on your photos for your album? Or would you like to design multi-page brochures to present your company? Take advantage of the unique design freedom and arrange elements any way you want.

Includes formatting, text flow around shapes and images, multilingual spell check, support for all installed fonts incl. live preview and find and replace function.

I am not very artistic person; for me to give advice on a photography/image editing program would be like an English professor teaching rocket science; yes, not pretty.
While I personally can't evaluate this program, it has gotten some good reviews. However, when reading reviews, be sure to look up the reviews for v5 -- the latest version of this program is v7 and many reviews are on that. v7 obviously has improvements over v5 so don't be confuse the two.
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MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5 (Silver Edition) is being given away in a promotion run by PCWelt.de. To get MAGIX Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5 (Silver Edition) for free. Download here:

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