Get Wishbox For Web Development

The developer describes Wishbox as a new kind of feedback tool for web sites. Your web site visitors can click on a “Feedback” button on the side of the page, and that pops up a screenshot of your web site with a drawing tool. Your visitors can draw arrows, add text and do many other fun things on the screenshot, then send it back to you.
It takes a few minutes to install Wishbox into your site. No signup required.
Read on for more information and screenshots!

About the App

  • Here are the top five features you can expect to see in Wishbox:
  • Your visitors can take screenshot on your web site and draw on it
  • No sign-up required. Just enter your email address to receive feedbacks
  • Free up to 100 submissions/month
  • You can customize feedback forms, and the feedback button
  • Easy to install (copy and paste a few lines of widget code)

Requirements: Any recent web browser
Price: Free for up to 100 submissions per month
Developer: Interlogy, LLC

Get Wishbox For Web Development

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