Get SEMRush Pro Account Free for 6 Months

SEMRush Free account is available with many limitation like it doesnt show you all its database results on the keywords your site is ranking for etc.

SEMRush pro account gives you access to a variety of interesting tools like in-depth Competition Analysis of Keywords, It is also helpful in PPC Campaigns with Adwords and similar sites.
Some ways to put the pro account into use :

  • Use it for finding alternate keywords for a Primary Keyword.
  • Analyze the sites competing for the keywords.
  • Percent of traffic you receive form your existing ranked keywords.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) analysis of New and Existing keywords.
  • Now that you know how to put the account into use and increase your online profits and Search Engine Ranking, Use the coupon code given below to Register for Free Pro Account.

Steps To Get Free SEMRush Pro Account.

Step 1. Open SEMRush.Com and Click on Register (Free).
Step 2. Enter your Name – Password and Email.
Step 3. Verify your email address.
Step 4. Login to your SEMRush Free Account > Click the Profile button.
Step 5. In the Promo Code, Enter the following Code.
Step 6. Enjoy your SEMRush Pro account for 2 Weeks.
SEMRush Promo Code – JKS1-6230-308C-3X5J (Grab it while its working! )
i extended my account for 2 weeks more. i used these codes too


totally 6 months

Source: Hacktabs.com

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