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1. Stars Rain Down

Stars Rain Down
by Chris J. Randolph

Sometimes, it takes a crisis to figure out who you really are.

In the near future, an irreverent astronomer named Marcus Donovan discovers a strange relic hidden beyond Mars, and he commandeers an exploratory vessel under false pretenses to investigate.

While Marcus and his crew venture off into the unknown, a mysterious alien legion appears in Earth orbit and invades. Human civilization is dashed apart in the blink of an eye, and Jack Hernandez, a search and rescue specialist, is one of the lucky few survivors. Along with a handful of friends, Jack joins the scattered resistance and wages a desperate terrorist war against the aliens, striking back any way they can.

In the bloody struggle to reclaim their planet, Jack and Marcus are each thrust into roles they never could have imagined, in a conflict as old as time. The fight takes them from China to Africa, and from Earth to Mars, while the secrets they uncover shake their understanding of humanity itself.

Stars Rain Down is about the horrors of warfare, and what happens when idealism collides with a savage fight for survival. Dominated by an enemy who shows neither compassion nor regret, the last remnants of mankind discover that every choice leads to unforeseen consequences, and mercy can triumph even in the face of mortal rage.

Stars Rain Down – 523 pages, 1.62 MB (Kindle, Smashwords, PDF, EPUB, Mobi, Zip)

2. Retribution

by Paul Johnson

Ryan Larkin is tied to a seat in the middle of a locked room, beaten and broken. He can’t remember how he got there but a stranger points a gun at him and gives Ryan a minute to tell what he was doing earlier in the day. Maybe a bullet would be better than The Chamber.

Retribution – 6 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

3. Predatoress

by Emma Gabor

Behold the day. I, the Predatoress, have returned from the Undead, to again become Emma Gabor.

Predatoress – 388 pages (Scribd, PDF)

4. Tales from the Securemarket

Tales from the Securemarket
by Colin Sandel

Welcome to New Washington, the most prolific center of technological and thaumatological research in the 23rd century.

For nearly two hundred years, the largest city in the former United States has been struggling to rebuild the culture that was dealt a hefty blow by the return of magic centuries ago. Some might say that this goal has been reached or surpassed, but the average metropolitan citizen’s way of life has been irrevocably altered on a day to day basis. Weapons are worn openly on the streets. Magical certification is a basic requirement of even the most mundane office job.

There is one institution, though, that has survived the changed culture of the modern world: The supermarket.

On the corner of 15th Street and Neimuth Avenue, the employees of the neighborhood Securemarket face a host of challenges that only New Washington can offer: Corporate Knights, gun-toting customers, monsters disguised as cereal boxes, and, most frightening of all … employee romance.

Join Steve, Zap, Alan, Matt, and the rest of the afternoon shift as they struggle to survive a far more difficult adventure than a hardened mercenary will ever face: retail.

Tales from the Securemarket – 65 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

5. The Philosopher In Arms

The Philosopher In Arms
by Karen Wehrstein

Destroyed By The Fire, a global cataclysm of unclear nature, civilization is rising slowly again, with rival nation-states warring over land and power. Relics of pre-Fire technology remain, most often considered magical. Astonishing knowledge turns up in the least expected places. Might humankind’s second rise lead to a second disaster? No one’s much worried about it.

The Philosopher In Arms – Over 600 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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