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Black Book Detective Tales Volume #1

Black Book Detective Tales Volume #1
by Dixon Kinqade

Black Book Detective Tales is proud to present our first thrilling publication. Each book contains a collection of exciting detective stories written in the style and tradition of the classic Golden Age Pulp Magazines. In each issue you’ll find pulse pounding tales of intrigue, suspense, mystery, and adventure. Each tale is a self-contained story, full and complete. So you can begin wherever you’d like!

#1 – Crystal Blue Persuasion

The city was hot that night, thick and heavy like a wool blanket. As if the place itself, the bricks and the asphalt were feverish, coming down with something. I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business and that’s when she walked in. She was a sultry brunette with smoldering brown eyes and stunning good looks. She sauntered in, swaying from side to side like 100 pounds of warm smoke. This dame was trouble and I knew it…

#2 – The Persian Slippers

I felt low, very low, the night I set out searching for that girl with strange hazel eyes. The fog, which hung over the city, didn’t help matters any and I felt even worse when I found her. For by then, I had death on my hands…

#3 – The Panama Hat

It sounded good, real good, a weekend at the beach with all expenses paid and a cash bonus thrown in. That was before I knew about the henchman, the redhead, and the corpse. Those three and a Panama hat ruined it all for me…

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Black Book Detective Tales Volume #1 – 3 Complete Short Stories (eSerial / Compiled Short Stories – HTML)

The Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere
by Lee Argus

What if you woke to a world left vacant? What if you couldn’t remember your name or anything else that happened? What if you thought you were the last person left until your faced with the cold facts? Meet John Doe. The Road to Nowhere by Lee Argus, author of Chance Escape.

The Road to Nowhere – 196 pages, 613 kb (HTML, PDF, TXT, LTF, LRF, Kindle, EPUB, Palm doc, Javascript)

Zombies in Minneapolis

Zombies in Minneapolis
by Lee Striegel

The dead have risen. People are dying. Society is crumbling. It all started in Minneapolis. Something worse is coming.

Zombies in Minneapolis follows Lee, a young man working in downtown Minneapolis, while he battles his way through the hordes of the undead. Survival seems hopeless until he uncovers something from his past that may change the world.

Zombies in Minneapolis – 6 Parts, 60 Chapters in total (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

Soul Thief

Soul Thief
by Mark Edward Hall

Doug McArthur, hit in the face by a young friend at the age of seven, is suddenly able to see a supernatural creature who calls himself Collector. His life is turned upside down when he realizes that it’s not just the creature he sees, but the atrocities it commits.

Since marrying Annie his visions have been quiet and Doug is grateful. Now Annie is pregnant with their first child and their world is in the process of coming apart, beginning with the destruction of their home and forcing them to run for their lives, back into the world of Annie’s childhood, the De Roche dynasty, to a murdered mother and a cruel and enigmatic father.

Doug, who hates Annie’s father, is nearly insane with grief over their plight, but he soon finds that De Roche is the least of his worries when in the midst of Annie’s mother’s funeral he is given a strange artifact by a dying priest along with a dire warning. He must leave Annie and his unborn child and begin a sojourn into the darkest regions of human existence.

In his attempt to save his wife and unborn child Doug finds that there is much more at stake than the lives of two human beings, perhaps the very salvation of the human soul.

Soul Thief – 37 chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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