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Finding quality resources these days has become a task worthy of an Indiana Jones movie, where you have to avoid dozens of faux websites filled with ugly design elements, broken links and enormous amounts of advertising. The main search engines have lost a lot of their capacity to aid designers fulfill their needs and that’s why WebDesignShock has decided to give you a hand by listing the main websites where you can always find top quality design sources at no cost. We have also included a small roundup featuring our favorite resources from these websites that can truly be helpful for any graphic or web designer.

Although it’s still young, this website has already brought an enormous showcase of high end resources for designers, including web templates, buttons, backgrounds and more. The site is supported by the same design team behind Iconshock and with a development history that started almost a year ago, reuniting a powerful design team, all of this to guarantee the cutting edge quality of every single design. The site is delivering permanently more and more resourceful design elements every week. Don’t forget to follow their updates so you can always be informed about their latest releases and projects.

Get 100+ Design Freebies Ready To Download
Image Credit: webdesignshock.com

Besides offering high quality design freebies, ThemeShock also has a vast catalog of premium themes and design sets that you can acquire at a reasonable prize. You can have access to web buttons, web boxes, logos or even place an order for a custom design work.

The website includes an extended documentation where you can read the features of all the different sets, so you can infer if they actually can help you solve your design needs. You can buy a great design package known as The Shock Bundle that for a really small prize gives you the chance to obtain thousands of Iconshock icons, more than 100 shortcodes with custom GUI, dropdown menus, fully functional contact forms and more, all of this with free complete support in English, Spanish and French.

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