G Data InternetSecurity 2011 For Free in 120 Days

Antivirus security solutions German origin G Data 2011, improved version is available in box. The message of the eleventh generation of products developed by the oldest company in the field is: Simple - Safe - Fast. Thanks to new technology and modern methods of recognition cloud behavior (potentially harmful) generation in 2011 provides more effective protection than ever and this without slowing down your computer! Whole generation of products is impressive turbo scan of your hard drive and minimum use of resources. From its position of technological leader, G Data raises the bar, once again setting the benchmark in detection of viruses, spyware and phishing protection, by Generation, 2011.

Now you can have G Data InternetSecurity 2011 for FREE in 120 days (4 months) through a special promotion for Their blog.

G Data 2011 released
Innovations that make generation G Data 2011:

* New technology cloud
* Block harmful behaviors optimized
* Interface for users "one click"
* Optimized technology of "fingerprinting" self
* User Account Control of "friendly"
* The latest technology DoubleScan

To qualify for free license for 120 days, visit the link below and download the product:

G Data InternetSecurity 2011 For Free in 120 Days

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