Free Music: Peace on Earth by Brian Wilson

In 2009, former Beach Boys lead singer and songwriter Brian Wilson signed a two-record deal with Walt Disney Records. Wilson's second album for Disney was "In The Key Of Disney," a collection of classic Disney movie songs, which was released on October 25, 2011.

I believe that "Peace on Earth" was recorded at the time that "In the Key of Disney" was being produced. It's not listed as one of the tracks, but it was produced under the Disney contract.

Whatever. This is THE Brian Wilson who I loved during my high school days in the 1960s. Even at age 69, he still has a good singing voice.

But... this just isn't the Brian Wilson voice that I remember, and I just don't get a real Christmas-y feel while listening to this song. In other words, I didn't get enough "Good Vibrations" from the song.

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