Free Game iOS: EA SHIFT 2 Unleashed ( iphone, ipad and itouch)

The good: This NFS is a quality, and very fun racing game. The tracks are exciting and provide great backdrop for the smooth controls and feeling of speed. This version has new tracks and cars, and other improvements like the ability to turn off auto accelerate and all assists, and a streamlined upgrading system.

The less-good: I have a pet peeve about the "turbo noise" when shifting; there should be an option to turn the turbo sound off, some of the cars featured in this NFS title would never be turbo in reality, and it bothers me.

All in all the peeve of mine does not really take away from the super fun racing and good feel that this NFS provides. 9.5 out of 10

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“9/10! Shift 2: Unleashed is bigger and better than its predecessor… easily one of the best racers on iOS." (PocketGamer.com)

NOW WITH 2 NEW QUICK RACE TRIALS! Feed your need for the ultimate speed! Experience the high-velocity action and eye-popping visuals of the most awesome Need For Speed ever for iPhone & iPod touch!

Burn rubber as you shift your way to the top of the leaderboards – only on Origin. Register to unlock exclusive cups, leaderboards and free NFS cash!

Now whip through the trees of The Black Forest, the deserts of Abu Dhabi, and the waterfronts of Rio. Revel in the intense graphic quality of the Retina Display as you fight to the finish line.

You’re in the cockpit with the helmet cam. Push it to the limit with realistic racing controls that simulate the visceral velocity of being behind the wheel at 200mph. Feel every scrape, bump, and burn out!

Test your skills on more than 20 Quick Race Trials featuring 40 of the hottest cars, including the exclusive Pagani Huayra! Run the Circuit with multiple game modes and over 40 events.

Check out every detail of your supercar with the vivid Retina Display. Earn credits and upgrade your acceleration, tires, and suspension. Power up with nitrous boosts, and personalize your car with spoilers, body kits, and more.

Experience racing evolved and unleash your inner driver with SHIFT 2 Unleashed!

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Free Game iOS: EA SHIFT 2 Unleashed ( iphone, ipad and itouch)

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