Free Ebook: Design For Hacker - Sneak Preview of David Kadavy's new book

The Sumo has got a sweet treat for all you Sumo-lings! I ran into David Kadavy the other day and convinced him to give us a peek into his JUST RELEASED book, Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty.

Thaz right, a FREE sneak preview into the ENTIRE THIRD CHAPTER.

So who is David Kadavy?

Design For Hacker Ebook Sneak Preview

David is a freelance Designer, and President of Kadavy, Inc. Though based in Chicago, his clients include the stars of Silicon Valley, such as oDesk, UserVoice, and PBworks.

Everything that David knows about what really makes great design great has been condensed into a few hundred pages in his new book.

In it, you’ll find

  • Color Theory: How can you enliven your designs by understanding how colors interact?
  • Proportion and Geometry: How can you establish a grid that is suitable for the device on which your design with be displayed?
  • Size and Scale: How can you create clean design just by choosing the right type sizes?
  • White Space: How can you use it elegantly to communicate clearly?
  • Composition and Design Principles: How can you use them to make your designs more compelling?
  • Typographic Etiquette: What tiny typographic details can make a huge difference in what you’re communicating?
  • You have to go buy the book to get ALL the juicy details...BUT, for a limited time only you can read the entire 3rd chapter for nadda!

Yep that's right, for a mere $0.00 you'll get to read an entire chapter outta the book that hit #18 on Amazon. Not bad eh?

Design For Hacker

Free Ebook: Design For Hacker -  Sneak Preview of David Kadavy's new book 

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