Free Ebook: A Boyfriend Before Christmas (Finding Love, 1) [Kindle Edition]

A Boyfriend Before Christmas
I decided to read this book because I was looking for something to put me in the christmas spirit... and this definetly did the job! At first I thought I wasn't gonna get much out of it due to it's short size, but boy did it surprise me. You really find yourself falling head over heels in love with Mama Bird and laughing along with Rachel & her antics. My favorite part of this story is it's ability to pull at your heartstrings in such a short amount of time (I read this in less then 3 hours altogether.) I highly highly recommend picking this story up if you want to get in the Christmas or just want a good laugh.

This is a sweet story, but it seems to serve the purpose of introducing the author's Finding Love Series. Rachel's story continues in the next book in the series. I didn't realize this until I reached the end of the ebook. Mama Bird's character was well-developed, but the dates that Rachel goes on seem vague to me. I think it has potential to become a good story in the next one of the series, but I'm undecided if I will buy that one.

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