Free Chapter of I Will Teach You To Be Rich ebook - New York Times Bestselling Book

The next two paragraphs can save you thousands of dollars:

“I want to be clear about something: I plan to do less and less work as I go through my life. When I meet people on a career path that will have them working more, not less, I’m always puzzled. That’s like being a real-life Mario Brother, where every level you beat means your life gets progressively more difficult. Why would you want that?

“Managing money is no different: By investing a little now, we don’t have to invest a lot later. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Somehow we just never get around to consistently managing our money--and let’s be honest: That will never change. Because who really cares about managing money? It’s about as appealing as cleaning the garage... every week for the rest of your life. We dream of having an automated system that handles most of the work for us, something that just works.”

I will make that dream come true for you.

Those two paragraphs are the opening of the automation chapter from my New York Times bestselling book. They’re also my favorite chapter because I LOVE how much time and stress automation saves me.

Consider this:

  • I can completely manage all of my money in less than 1 hour a month. That includes checking, savings, credit cards, investments, bills, taxes -- everything.
  • I never have to worry about late fees because all of my bills are automatically paid in full and on time.
  • I never have to worry about coming up short at tax time because that money is set aside in advance -- even irregular freelance income.
  • I don’t waste time or energy thinking about how to save or spend my money. I took a couple hours to build the system and now I can save in my sleep and spend guilt-free.
  • Automating your money is easy.

You can do it even if you only have a few bucks to your name. (Automating can help you with that, too.)

It’s all about understanding where your money should flow, then setting up a system to do it automatically.

Thousands of my readers have used this exact system to automate their own finances. The whole process only takes a couple hours and a few phone calls.

This free chapter shows you how, step-by-step.

Free Chapter of I Will Teach You To Be Rich ebook - New York Times Bestselling Book

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