Free Avast Mobile Security for Android - Protect From Viruses and Theft

For those of you who have longed for android antivirus free, then this is exciting news for you. Avast, one of the leading antivirus vendors, has launched the android antivirus you can use for free! Mobile antivirus is named Avast Mobile Security. Want to know what and how to get Avast Mobile Security is this?

Avast Mobile Security released today is still in beta. But this version had several excellent features powerful android phone is used to protect you from virus attacks. The main feature of Avast Mobile Security is divided into two groups.

1. Avast Mobile Security
In carrying out its function as a mobile security app, Avast Mobile Security has antivirus, privacy report, sms / call filtering, app manager, web shield and firewall.
With these features, Avast Mobile Security android capable of securing the gadgets you from hacker attacks, viruses and other malicious things.

2. Avast Anti-Theft
In carrying out its function as an anti-theft applications, Avast Mobile Security has a wide range of features such as:
- App Disguiser to change the name of Avast Mobile Security application.
- Stealth mode to hide the Avast Mobile Security application.
- Self protection to prevent a hard reset or uninstall is done by the thief.
- Battery save to prevent the thief turn off mobile phones and disable Avast Mobile Security.
- Change Sim Card Notification to notify you if your mobile phone sim card number as well as providing geo locationnya replaced as well.
- Trusted sim card list
- Remote setting android chage to change your settings remotely.
- As well as various other features such as enable remote alarm, lock the phone, display messages, view the location of mobile phones, memory format, call / SMS forwarding, restart the phone, etc. from a distance.

If the version of the Android mobile phone is the Android 2.1.x, 2.2.x, or 2.3.x, then you can download and install Avast Mobile Security directly from the Android Market.

By using Avast Mobile Security on your Android phone, then your phone will be protected from viruses, threat, hackers, and even can minimize your losses if your Android phone is stolen.

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