Free and immediate entrance into Geeklist Private Beta!

Born in San Francisco, Geekli.st is an achievement-based social portfolio builder where all bad-ass code monkeys around the globe can communicate, brag, build their street cred and get found. We founded Geekli.st because it was time for a united front, exclusively for developers, to build tangible credibility in the workplace.

What is Geeklist?
-Geeklist is the first ever Achievement-based developer street-cred builder.
-Geeks get to share their achievements, find other developers, hi 5 and connect.
-Geeklist gives developers a safe zone to brag and share in the first social platform for geeks.
-Show and see who built what, with whom, using what technology, how they built it and when it was built!

They only have a limited number of these invites, so grab yours quickly!

Get Free and immediate entrance into Geeklist's Private Beta!

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