Free 3 Months Sign Up to Sanebox - Save time and frustration over emails with Sanebox

I have a love-hate relationship with emails.

It's been one of the most technologically advanced inventions of our time, and also one of the most hated forms of communication.

None the less it's here to stay... luckily, there are people out there making it better for the world.

Sanebox does the near-impossible task of getting you focused on what's important in your inbox, and filtering out everything else for later.

Of course there are other clients out there which do SPAM filtering, but this isn't only about SPAM.

It's about getting all the junk out of the way that sucks up your time whenever you get a new email (funny pics, office memos to clean the coffee pot, meetings you don't have to attend).

You could save 2-3 hours PER DAY by using Sanebox!!! (How valuable is your time?)

If you know how to use email folders, you can easily use Sanebox.

Here's what you do to get your email sanity back:

1.) Sign up for their service and link your email (Sanebox works with ANY email service, no new software or sign-ups necessary).

2.) Sanebox's "sanebots" get to work and scan all your emails (they NEVER open your email and read the content, they just look at the outside).

3.) Sanebox then creates a folder in your email called @SaneLater which holds non-priority email and keeps all your top emails for the inbox.

(You actually only really had to do one thing: sign up.)

Now, the sanebots are pretty smart, and they only get smarter with more "training".

If something shows up in your inbox which could've been read later (like your HR department's weekly newsletter), you just move that email to the @SaneLater and Sanebox learns to move emails like that in the future.

Think you'll have to jump between your inbox and @SaneLater all the time?

Sanebox can send you a daily SaneDigest of all your emails in your @SaneLater box for review near the end of the day.

The team over at Sanebox are actually super generous guys and offered a special deal for you Sumo-lings-- get 3 months of extra service for FREE when you purchase one year of the Premium plan ($55)!

Take control of your email and reach inbox nirvana...

You'll want to hurry and get your Sanebox deal TODAY before they come to their senses and yank this deal from the site!

Free 3 Month Sign Up to Sanebox -  Save time and frustration over emails with Sanebox (when purchase 1 yearly plan)

I am invite you to use it for free, Click here

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