Fire Flower – Photoshop Video Tutorial For Free on Tutsplus

The video is 1200×900 resolution, so you can see everything that’s going on (preview is widescreen) clearly.
Through this 40 minute video tutorial, I’ll take you from a normal photograph, to a fantastic fiery result. We’ll be using different techniques to both create flames, but also manipulate flames from photographs, using filters to keep in the flower detail, and brushes to add embers!

You also get the same PSD file that I worked on in the tutorial, so you can see exactly what goes on, follow along, or make it yourself! (note: download file is slightly lower resolution)
The following topics are covered:

  • Creating fire from a stroke effect.
  • Adding fire from stock photography.
  • Using the Puppet Warp tool.
  • Using different filters to add detail in a fiery way.
  • Custom brushes to add embers.
  • And more!
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