Dropmysite - Get 2 GB for Backup Your Website into the Cloud

Dropmysite - Get 2 GB for Backup Your Website into the Cloud. Never lose data again with our automatic website backups in the cloud. Dropmysite offers backups for websites, email and databases. Dropmysite is taking every precaution to protect users data and hosting information.

Every company has a story about why they started. Dropmysite was started out of our on needs and requirements.

The Dropmysite wanted to protect our other websites data from the lose of instances and the problems that arise from being hacked.

Example of this is when our website had a hosting failure and we lost user generate content. This was very embarrassing for the business as the data we were collecting was rare and important.

Hacking is on the rise with international press giving more attention to Governments and multi-national websites being affected. Most hacking is done by SQL injection, Denial of service (DNS), cross site scripting, predictable resource location, brute force and unintentional information disclosure. All of which can cause harm to the existing hosting and information.

At Dropmysite we are working at giving website owners a way to recover their data and not have to lose important information like we did. Our key development requirement is that the user interface for the website should be kept simple and easy to use as possible. The hard grunt work and thinking should be done behind the scenes.

There are lots of future plans for the website the most important of which is to make the site the best backup plan for websites on the web.

Here are some of the measures we have taken to date:

1. No deletion of backed up files are allowed for 30 days. This is to stop a hacker from destroying your back ups if they gained access to Dropmysite.

2. Encrypt your data so only your user can have access to the data.

3. Encrypt your user name and password information

4. Dropmysite does not allow ftp upload back to host, protecting the website owner in the event that a users account in Dropmysite being compromised

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Hi there, nice post and a good source of information. It really shows that you're an expert in this field. I'm looking for some tips on how to do a full site backup wordpress in this site. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

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