Download Unlimited Full Version E-Mix DJ Software Basic Edition

Download Unlimited Full Version E-Mix DJ Software
E-mix offering all kinds of functions of a professional DJ software. There are two decks for your music available through which you can play individual tracks. By crossfader take an influence on the mix. With this course are treble, mid, low and volume. Up to three cue points can be arbitrarily set as a loop. There are various effects (Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Delay) and the ability to play by pressing a button short jingles. BPM detects and synchronizes e-mix automatically by pressing a button, the speed of two tracks. e-Mix offers the basic version, all the features you need for getting into DJing - including the possibility to include a microphone. In addition, the software can be controlled via a MIDI controller and address. Here's how the full version download link takes you to the manufacturer's website. There you will have to register with name and e-mail address - and get to a confirmation within an hour the download link for e-mix e-mail.

Screenshot of E-Mix DJ Software

The e-mix DJ Software offers all functions for professional mixing. The program can be controlled by one of the common MIDI controllers or easily by mouse. There are three editions of the software (Basic, Home and Pro) available at prices of 29.-, 49.- and 139.- USD. You will get for Download Unlimited Full Version E-Mix DJ Software for Basic Edition Via Chip.de on Their X-Mas advent calendar. But, They will direct you to this page:
Insert your First Name, Last Name and Email to get Serial number E-Mix DJ Software Basic Edition For Free

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