Download Software Website Makers - Website X5 Smart 9 - By Free and Legal! [Update]

Is now increasingly popular online world, many people who have their own website .. it's good to do business, share stories, sell online, even just for the mere existence alone. For those of you who want to create a website but do not understand how, you do not need to worry. Software maker website - Website X5 - can help you create a website easily. With this software you do not need to be proficient coding and programming to create a simple website. How to create a website that is sometimes a bit tricky you have not even mastered. You are interested in making your own website with Website X5?

Website X5 is a software to create websites that can allow you to create a simple static website. Creating a website using this software is no more difficult than running Microsoft Office. All tools have been provided, even a variety of ready-made templates are also available.

Normally, Website X5 priced at 9.95 Euros. But in the following way, you can get it for free! Just follow the quick guide below:
1. Download the installer here Website X5
2. Install the software, during the installation process please click the button "Unlock" and a web page will open.
3. Please create new account (make sure all data and check you have the content) and then log into your account is.
4. After that you will be prompted to enter the Product Code or promo code. Enter the promo code below and click "Send":

5. Website X5 license will be sent to your email address.
6. Enable Website X5 with a license that you have received.

To use the Website X5, simply double click the icon on your desktop and click on the logo Website X5 8 that exist in the lower right corner.

Easy is not it? Now that you have Website X5 software for $ 9.95 Euros for free!

Download Full Version of Website X5 Smart 9 here:
For the license activation, which starts immediately after the installation, you need a license key. You can get it after a free registration at www.websitex5.com/magazine/pcweltadvent2011 Enter the license key and sent to your email address to activate the full version, then finally into the appropriate fields

download Website X5 Smart Instalation: http://download.pcwelt.de/public/_Adventskalender/wsx5_sm.exe

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