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When computer get infected by virus and antivirus installed in our computer couldn’t handle it, one of alternative solution is using portable antivirus or which is able to scan the virus directly without installing and updating. One of the latest is made by Microsoft, which is Microsoft Security Scanner.

Microsoft Security Scanner is a portable application (it doesn’t need to be installed) functioned to check and do computer scan about virus infection possibility (malware). This Microsoft provided Program will update always with latest virus database. Because of its portable characteristic, we can directly run it from USB Flashdisk.

This scanner usage is very easy, after it’s downloaded, then run it. There will be three options, whether we will do Quick Scan, Full Scan or scan certain folder. After that, scan process will be run, and if it detects virus, worm or other malware it will be quarantined or deleted. Because it does direct scan (on-demand scan), this program is not Antivirus replacement which is able to monitor computer activity all the time.

One more important notice, Microsoft Security Scanner can only be run for 10 days after it’s downloaded. After that, we have to re-download this program. It’s done to assure we use program with the latest virus update, since this virus scanner has no update feature inside it.

This Scanner virus can be run in Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and also Windows XP. Minimum specification is also quite small (CPU 500 MHz, RAM 256 MB and 200 MB hardisk space). It’s provided whether for 32bit or 64bit operating system. Besides, to download this program, windows original checking is not needed.

Download Microsoft Security Scanner msert 32 bit (72 MB), msert 64 bit ( 73.9 MB)
PS: Tips, it looks like, usage which is only for 10 days done by this program is done by checking the computer date, so, if we want to “force” using this scanner after 10 days, it can be tried by changing computer date to the previous date (to the date when we downloaded this program or few days after it). - ebsoft.web.id

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