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It’s another Wheemplay physics based game, though I find the subject matter a little alarming. You basically kick the head of Justin Beiber into a basket from various angles. That’s about it. While checking the net lastnight I discovered there’s actually a series of thes e games, all with some violent act towards Bieber. Someone doesn’t like the guy.

I only played several levels and found the game to be rather monotonous. I won’t be keeping this game. You can find the game online if you wish to first find out what the gameplay is like:


On a more light hearted note for the girls who like Justine, there’s also a game called Bieber Kisser which you can find via the following link. It actually has nothing to do with kissing, rather you have to get from point A to point B avoiding the security guards.


As an afterthought, here are a few images.

I wouldn’t recommend this game whether one likes the ‘main char’ or not. It’s inappropriate for this site. (IMHO) The very least it’s questionable and of a violent nature geared toward a real person, and child at that. I too wonder if permission was given to the developer to use the name.

Not one I’ll download but that’s simply my opinion and thoughts.

At any rate, thank you for having the games offered here. I’ve enjoyed many and look forward to seeing what games are offered in the future.

Kick Justin Bieber in the face and into the trash can! Beat him up as you toss his head around like a soccer ball & solve funny physics-based puzzles. The more you kicker Justin Bieber, the bloodier he gets!

Key features:

  • Awesome Physics-based game!
  • 20 addictive levels with different approaches.
  • Achievements and highscores.
  • Highscores and awards.
Bibier Kicker (for Windows and Mac) is available as a Giveaway of the day! The program is available for $0.99, but it will be free for their visitors as a time-limited offer. Download Bibier Kicker Free Unlimited Full Version (for Windows and Mac) [For Windows]. if you are Mac OS user, please download the installer here(file size: 15.2 MB)

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