DATA BECKER TWIN 7 2.0 - Tuning Windows 7 For Free

This tuning software you unleash the full potential of Windows 7! The minute-long boot your PC pulls on your nerves? When you launch applications, you can casually make coffee? Incompletely uninstalled programs devour your storage capacity?

We have the solution: The specially tailored to Windows 7 Tuning Suite brings your operating system on your PC, notebook or netbook effortlessly back into top form. Performance, safety and ease of use can be optimized with a few clicks. Hundreds of cutting-edge Windows 7 Tweaks activate hidden features and secret use system resources - for the best Windows ever created! Thanks to the newly developed control center "Tuning Essentials" you can optimize performance and security of your computer with just a few clicks. TWIN 7 2.0 scans your system automatically determines the ideal measures and inform them if you wish to go directly into practice. Enables simple and easy to understand interface, it also non-Windows experts, their operating system to get into shape in no time. more properties

NEW: Tuning Essentials - control center for the rapid optimization of performance and safety
NEW: SMART Drive module for hard drives monitoring including desktop widget
More than 20 powerful tools and hundreds of tweaks

DATA BECKER TWIN 7 2.0 - Tuning Windows 7 For Free:

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