BreezeTree Software FlowBreeze v2.5.51

FlowBreeze is a Microsoft ® Excel ® Add-in that automates the flowcharting process by converting your text into flowcharts. FlowBreeze lets you create flowcharts just by typing. Simply type in every step of the flowchart, and the press. The text is replaced by a flow chart symbol. The format applies, line symbols, and a connector is added automatically.

Save time

FlowBreeze is the perfect tool for creating flowcharts because it makes an easy flow diagram. You will benefit from many useful features that save you time and make a flow chart without pain:
Create flowcharts just by typing.
Pre-design flow diagram contained in a spreadsheet.
Convert a text or documents (eg Word) in a flow chart with text-to-Flowchart Wizard.
Automatically add start and end symbols of Terminator.
Assign keywords to generate specific organizational symbols.
Make flowcharts a painless process
Apply formatting styles in a single click.
Generate a key flowchart symbols at the click of a button.
Automatically add connectors previous symbol.
Create ways of uniform size.
Design templates customized flow chart or use one of the many pre-made templates.
(Cross-functional swim lanes includes, title blocks, graphics chance, deployment charts, diagrams DMAIC, SIPOC diagrams, PDCA, and many templates flow chart).
Be creative
His style Flowchart symbols with up to 84 integrated formats.
Style connectors with 21 integrated formats
Includes 124 available symbols, including flowchart symbols, block arrows, callouts, and more.
Add straight, elbows, connectors or curves.
Export flowcharts as 6 image formats (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, TIF).
Copy and paste directly into Word or PowerPoint charts.
All flowcharts are editable by anyone using the built-in drawing tools of Microsoft Office.
Flowcharts Save as Excel.
Anyone with Excel can view, modify or maintain the flowcharts.

Download BreezeTree Software FlowBreeze v2.5.51
Password: softmediafire

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